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Let me start by saying the design, cinematogropy, effects, and compositing of this film is really something to behold! At almost any given moment a simple screen shot from this film would have high aesthetic value, I feel the overall design is that good! The french style camera shake really set the tone of this film and did a lot of justice as far as how the story impacts the viewers emotionally. I really like some of the ambitious things you did with the camera views. As I watched the gorgeous effects and compositing unfold I could really tell the creator of this film has really high technical abilities in regards to digital animation and design. The audio was also a treat! In general, the things that are good about this film are REALLY GOOD. There is only a couple major things about this film that managed to turn me off and not grant you that 5th star.

In complete contrast to everything else about this film, the character animation was terrible. I could tell whoever did the character animation has no foundation with animation principles of any sort. It was super stiff, mechanical, and the acting was horrible. For me to grant even 4 stars with character animation this terrible should be a clear indicator of how redeeming EVERYTHING ELSE about this film really is. My only other complaint would be choosing moments to not use the french camera shake. You don't want your viewers to grow dizzy, balance in cinematics is just as important towards the story as anything else in a film. Because in the end that's what you want to deliver with as much clarity as possible, a story. Subsequently other qualities in this film are so good the story still managed to be clear as daylight.

In summary:

+Good Cinematography
+Great Compositing
+Great Special Effects
+Great Design
+Great Story
+Great Audio

-Terrible character animation
-Camera shake starts to get distracting

So neat! You're forever my favorite flasher Cel! =]

A newgrounds classic! =]

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Love this abstract

Very Nice digital art...

Veich responds:

thank you

Love animation and I love Newgrounds...My twitter: @Ean_Dream


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